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If you're planning to build a bespoke oak framed home in England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales, then Hamlet Heavy Timberwork can be a valuable addition to your building team. We have extensive experience working in the UK & Ireland, and can deliver and install our traditional timber frame structures anywhere within their borders. Even after taking the cost of shipping into account, we believe we offer a cost advantage to self-build clients when compared to UK based companies.

Although we are separated by a vast ocean, the internet has made it very easy to do business with us. All design work for the heavy timber structure (sometimes called 'post and beam') will be shared with the UK team by sending CAD based files over the internet, and engineering calculations will be based upon local British building codes and specific site conditions.

We have several interesting timber species to choose from here in North America as well, each adding their own colour and character to a timber frame project. Some examples of the species we are able to offer our clients include: Douglas Fir (kiln dried or green), White Oak (same species as English Oak), Red Oak. Eastern White Pine, Hemlock, along with a host of other hardwoods used exclusively for our curved knee-braces and Japanese style 'taiko' beams including: beech, birch, maple, cherry, walnut, ash and hickory.

We'd be happy to provide you with a quote, so please give us a ring or send an email if you have prepared sketches or drawings for your timber home project: info@heavytimberwork.com

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